60 Series, Sequential Arrow, LED Yellow Oval 25 Diode Auxiliary Turn Signal, Fit ‘N Forget



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60 Series, Sequential Arrow, LED, Yellow Oval, 25 Diode, Auxiliary Turn Signal, Fit ‘N Forget S.S., 12V

26 Diode for Auxiliary Turn Lamps and 25 Diode for Sequential Arrow Lamps.
Auxiliary turn is a two function lamp and compiles with SAE 592e and 2042 on both functions.
Use part# 60315Y for LED Side Turn applications SAE J2039.
Sequential arrow is to be used as an auxiliary lamp only and requires a 50% on time flasher, part #97231.
Not suitable for ”stand alone” front or rear turn applications.
Electronics completely sealed in epoxy to resist corrosion and moisture.

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