Glidelock Sliding Load-securement Bracket, 5400wll



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Glidelock Sliding Load-securement Bracket, 5400wll

Lock and load with GlideLock® movable securement bracket GlideLock Sliding Load-Securement. Bracket offers versatility and positioning of tie down anchor point. Use GlideLock with Double L Track. 1. GlideLock positions exactly where it’s needed, no matter what type of load or the location of cargo on the vehicle. 2. Once the flat hook is engaged, the unit locks the hook in position. It cannot shift or come undone, it remains secure until you unlock it. With a Working Load Limit of 5,400 lbs., GlideLock glides into any position along the trailer rail or winch track to ensure the correct pull-angle for securing cargo. The compact unit keeps the strap inboard of the rub rail and works with any standard flat-hook strap.

Weight: 4.50 lbs./2.04 kg
WLL: 5,400 lbs./2,450 kg.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 5 in


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